Dress – Oh My Love (similar here & here), Chevron Necklace c/o Zoetik, Sunnies – Michael Kors, Shoes – Steve Madden, Photography by Christopher

People in “the industry” (that’s Hollywood talk for… Hollywood… aka the tv/film industry) always talk about how summer is the slowest season. Unless you happen to be working on a film – which let’s be honest, many of us are not – there’s just not much going on over here in the land of non-native palm trees and sidewalk stars.

Seeing how I tend to be a slightly somewhat very gullible and trusting person, I naturally assumed my summer would be one of long, blissfully restful days beneath afore-mentioned-non-native-palm-trees. Oh, how I was wrong. (Sidebar: luckily, it’s a VERY VERY NICE THING that I was wrong because it means I’m working! Yay!)

Also luckily, I have the most amazing and thoughtful guy in the history of ever. Between the two of us, we’re working on five (wait, is that right? FIVE???) films this year and needless to say, we were both looking for a little getaway before our first film goes into production this Thursday. Saturday was 90 degrees and the longest day of the year so I threw on this breezy summer dress and a quick swipe of waterproof mascara to keep cool (and avoid dreaded makeup-induced-raccoon-eye) and off to the Huntington Library we went!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Huntington, it’s not only a library (though that alone would entice me) but also art museums, tea houses, and acres upon acres of botanical garden. Though my first time visiting, I quickly fell in love with the paths of beautiful flowers, the shady benches beside calming waters, the quiet lawns for napping and dreaming… the perfect place to find some calm before the storm.

Thanks to my man for the photos and for planning the best day ever. And thanks to the Huntington. We’ll definitely be back 🙂

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