or several…

Hello, old friends! It’s certainly been a while. I promise to be back with a more detailed update once I am able. But for now – and in light of Thanksgiving – I just wanted to come here and make special note of this exciting season of life I currently find myself in. This space has always served as a kind of journal or time capsule for me, so bear with me as I make a little space to remember this good and exciting time. With work, friends, family, relationships… I’m just grateful and trying to soak up every good and perfect moment, big and small.

For the larger, more momentous, more celebratory occasions, an actual announcement may be in order. For these moments, I’m happy to be partnering with Paperless Post to help craft the perfect way to share these moments with loved ones. I’ll share more very soon, but in the meantime, thank you for bearing with my very giddy, very cryptic note. Hope the sun is shining wherever you are.

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