Hello from Chicago! Despite all my worrying about the weather, today is actually the first truly cold day since I’ve been here – the past week has been surprisingly (and thankfully) mild. Though if we’re being completely honest… my Chicago bones may be telling my brain how “warm” it is, but my thinned-by-LA-blood still thinks it’s pretty cold. Stupid blood.

Anyway, enough about blood and weather (though potentially a good band name)… how was your holiday? Mine was spent with friends & family, laughing and eating-always-eating in front of a roaring fireplace – basically how every holiday should be spent in my honest opinion. My family did happen to break one Christmas tradition by having this year’s Christmas meal at the highly classy dining establishment… Steak ‘n Shake. So glorious. Absolutely no regrets. #FriscoMelt4lyfe
Coat – ASOS, Blouse via UO, Jeans – AG, Pumps – Kate Spade, Photography by Christine Choi
Everyone’s pretty much headed back to real life but I’m holding onto my vacation for a few more days, getting back home to LA just in time for NYE 🙂 I’m working on a “2014 : Year in Review” post coming very soon but until then… thank you for reading and following my journey this year! I’ve loved being able to share my life and looks with all you lovely people <3 
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