Cold weather hijinks and happenings

(coat – Wolf & Man; jeans – Diesel; boots – Dolce Vita; hat – vintage)
You guys. It’s freezing in Los Angeles. (Insert space for all you people back home to laugh at me now… done? Okay, moving on.) Given the what-feels-like-sub-zero-but-are-actually-45-degrees-temps and my penchant for menswear on women, Philip and I decided to have an impromptu photo shoot showcasing the incredible menswear line Wolf & Man. Now to convince Philip to cop that green jacket for me…
Photo shoot complete, I did the only other thing that makes sense to me when faced with freezing temps… cuddle up under mountains of blankets with too much wine and my closest girlfriends. Which is exactly what I did Thursday night. Ginny and I planned a good old-fashioned sleepover for our girls and we spent the evening drinking good wine, gossiping about boys, lamenting the disappointment that was The Sound of Music Live, and laughing laughing laughing. On things I am thankful for: good friends, of which I am overwhelmingly blessed.
Speaking of good friends and cold temps… WHO WATCHED THE BEARS GAME LAST NIGHT. There are few things better than watching a good old-fashioned Bears beatdown with friends-who-also-happen-to-be-Bears-fans. To celebrate the epic win, the legend that is Ditka, and Matt Forte’s ridiculous hands, we indulged in hot chocolate on plushy couches from which I never wanted to move. There’s a special kind of perfect reserved for hot chocolate on plushy couches with good friends, am I right?
Stay warm my friends.
xx, Little Bee

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