Teamed up with Lularoe to celebrate all things FALL. Yes, you heard that correctly, autumn has finally descended upon Los Angeles at last. Thank you, Jesus. I wasn’t sure I could go one more day without my sweaters, scarves, and boots. Praying these cooler** temps stick around for a while before the blazing LA heat comes back to assault us once again.










Working with all these fun, fabulous, beautiful women made me think about the fun, fabulous, beautiful women I’ve been blessed with in my adult life. As I kid, I grew up with a lot of boys: my brother, cousins, family friends – all boys. Because I was very frequently the “new kid” at school, I was an easy target for bullies. In middle school, the bullying was at it’s worst and I learned not to trust other girls. It wasn’t until college that I started making female friends… and then one day, I woke up and realized how many incredible, smart, hilarious, thoughtful, big-hearted, hard-working, strong, beautiful, truly inspiring women I have in my life. As a girl who never thought she would have other girl friends, this humbles me to tears and warms my heart like no other. So to all those beautiful-inside-out women who love me every day and make me proud to be a woman, thank you. I am so lucky to be your friend 🙂


**60’s feel cold when it was in the 100’s up until last week…

look one:
TOP | lularoe
CARDIGAN | lularoe
JEANS | american apparel
BOOTIES | dolce vita

look two:
DRESS | lularoe
SHOES | opening ceremony

look three:
SHIRT | j crew
SKIRT | lularoe

look four:
CARDIGAN (worn as top) | lularoe
SKIRT | lularoe
BOOTIES | dolce vita

Photography by: Amelia Lyon
Styled by: Julie Koo

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