Hat – Vintage, Shirt – Splendid, Jeans – Habitual, Shoes – Michael Kors, Purse – 3.1 Phillip Lim, Sunnies – Michael Kors, Rings – Library, Watch – Invictus, Photographed by Christine Choi
It’s official. I have entered the second half of my twenties. Cue dramatic, sad, old music… whatever that may be. Also official, the new direction of this blog! For those of you who have been with me since the beginning of this Little Bee thang, no worries! I will still be writing! I will still share updates! The only change is the occasional addition of photos… of me… wearing things… not that I have photos of me not… wearing things… omg… what… I am so awkward… help.
So as I mentioned earlier, I have officially entered the upper half of my twenties. I was lucky to spend my birthday with my gorgeous mama who was visiting from Chicago (hi mom!) and we spent the day shopping (hey Rodeo Drive!), eating (my most favorite activity), sipping on wine (our most favorite activity), and generally frolicking about. This was my outfit of choice for such frolicking and featured last year’s birthday present (bag) as well as this year’s (shoes). Gosh I’m such a lucky duck.
Speaking of birthdays, I’ve been celebrating a lot of those lately. Which is awesome. Because I have the best friends ever who do things like host birthday brunches inspired by their international travels complete with live music and dancing and loads and loads of laughs. Hashtag anythingforphilup. Hashtag runonsentences. Hashtag omgijustreallylovemyfriendsokay???
Speaking of moms, I’ll be seeing mine again so soon because I’ll be back in Chicago this week! Whee! Can’t wait for this little bee to be back in her city 🙂 

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