Home again

Well, somehow a whole year has managed to slip by without me updating this thing. But the good news is, I’m making it my goal to be more attentive to this blog in the coming year… so let’s hope I make good on that promise for once.

As you have probably gleaned from the title, I am in fact home in the great city of Chicago once again. It was Mama’s birthday yesterday so I thought it might be nice to come home a couple days early to spend part of her special day with her. I know, I am one fantastic daughter. We spent the evening moving furniture from one part of the house to the other, which is only worth mentioning because of the considerable stress it caused my father. Which is only worth mentioning because said stress, in turn, caused a somewhat incurable fit of giggles for me and Mama. The long and short of it is that she moved all the furniture by herself a few weeks prior without telling my dad… only to realize that it was actually fine just the way it was. What a happy “Welcome Home from Jamaica honey!” present it was to immediately be put to work… just to put things back exactly the way they were before he left. Just another night at Casa Park, my friends.

In other news, it is really cold here. Like, really. Really. Cold.  And it was 70 degrees in Los Angeles yesterday. Also my hubby (D Rose, obvs) had surgery on his knee yesterday and is out for the rest of the season. These are two pieces of information that make me very, very sad. Something that does not make me sad is that I am meeting my high school BFF’s daughter for the very first time tomorrow, and there are few things more adorable than miniature-sized clothes for miniature-sized people.

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