I read a LOT about actors – actors who I find inspiring, actors who are similar to me in type, actors who have had incredible and long careers, actors with careers I would love to emulate, and so on. I’ve always found myself taking mental notes on the characteristics I would like to be known for: down-to-earth, with the perfect amount of self-deprecating humor; smart & witty, yet approachable in an every-man way; able to talk knowledgeably about fashion, always on top of the latest designer and trend, but never taking it too seriously (I’m not one of those girls); cool, but a lovable dork; a stand out, yet “just like you”… when suddenly it dawned on me: the importance of being me.

You can hear it a thousand times, but when it hits, it hits. Do you, boo boo. Aint nobody gonna do it for you.
Hooded tank – Sparkle & Fade, via UO; Skort – Zara (yep, the one everyone’s got); Heels – Michael Kors,
Photography by Christine Choi


  1. Haha the one everyone’s got…
    Thank you for being so inspirational! At 24, I’m still trying to find myself.

    What shampoo and conditioner do you use? Your hair always look flawless!

    • Hey Kristin! Thanks so much! We’ll keep on with the self-finding journey together 😀 I actually don’t stick with a particular shampoo/conditioner and just go with whatever catches my eye at the drugstore… currently Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect.. probably because it was on sale :p

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