Something a little different for you today. I was sick with a most bothersome cold all last week, and the problem of getting dressed was displaced by the problem of what to watch on Netflix. Ha. What a joke. Since January 1, 2015 there has only been one thing to watch on Netflix, and one thing only: Friends. Thanks to last week, I’m already on Season 6. Impressed?

This room gets the most incredible light in the morning. As a once-film-student-with-aspirations-to-become-a-cinematographer, I’ve always held a steadfast fascination with light, and this light-filled apartment has been such a gift. I love waking to the sunlight creeping across my pillow every morning – it’s absolutely the best way to start the day. Another great thing about this apartment is that my windows face both the east and the west. I’ve spent many an early evening seated at my kitchen table facing the nearly-uninterrupted view of glorious sunset that sprawls before me. Man am I lucky or what?

Oh, also, did you notice anything different about me? If you’ve been following my blog for some time now, you will have noticed my hair getting progressively longer and looonger… all for good reason! I recently chopped off a foot (yes, a foot!) of hair to donate to Locks of Love! In case you’re not familiar, Locks of Love is a non-profit that provides wigs to disadvantaged children suffering from medical-related hair loss. If you’ve been antsy for a change and want to also make the chop, I would definitely encourage you to donate to Locks of Love or any similar program! Oh, and check out Liberated Salon if you’re an LA local! Brandon, my amazing hairdresser, did an incredible job – I couldn’t be more in love with my new do 🙂

Hope yall are staying warm and healthy wherever you may be reading this today!

All my love,

P.S. How cute is that Ampersand print above? If you’re in love with it as I am, you can pick one up for yourself right here. My girl Jennet just launched her brand Form&Fiction, bringing her perfectly-crafted, hand-drawn prints and (unisex!) tees to the (creatively-inclined) public. Go check her out and make sure to follow both Form&Fiction and Jennet on instagram for your daily dose of pretty-thing-inspiration.


  1. Hey I know your have skills in singing, dancing and acting, & I wanted to know if you think 20 y/o is too old for getting started in the industry and become a triple treat!

    • 20 is definitely not too old! As long as you are prepared to work extra extra extra hard and it is truly your passion, I’d say go for it! If it is your dream, it is never too late 🙂

  2. season 6 is an amazing one! Friends will always be a go to show to re-watch at any time~ I’m in school right now pursuing cinematography.. do you have any advice?

    • Hey Jinho! So awesome – I would say to watch lots and lots and lotsandlotsandlots of movies. Know what you like and read up on how the DP’s accomplished it. Then work with as many people and as much as you can! Good luck 🙂

  3. Girl! Never thought of creating a Youtube channel! I’d definitely subscribe!! Love your blog btw, keep it up 🙂

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