Guys. I’m wearing shorts. In November.

Okay okay… to be fair, these are from last week… when it was in the NINETIES. Nineties, guys. Nineties. And aside from the alliterative factor (which is always guaranteed to get a little smile outta me), this makes me… less than happy.

Not amused.

I know I should be grateful when my midwest & east coast friends are shivering their little bums off in the snow but… nineties, guys. NINETIES. The only time that number is okay is in the summer. Or in reference to decades.

Come on winter. LA’s ready for ya.

Hat – Vintage, Blouse – Cheap Monday, Shorts – Vintage Levi’s, Boots – Rag&Bone, Purse – Coach, 
Photography by Christine Choi

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