Top – American Apparel, Skirt – Vintage (Similar here, here, or here!), Shoes – Steve Madden (Similar here or here!), Photography by Christine Choi

Is it just me or has it been unusually windy in Los Angeles lately? My eyes and allergies are none too happy about it. Stupid palm trees shedding everywhere… In any case, on a particularly windy day, I opted for this skirt stolen borrowed from my grandma. Long enough to avoid Marilyn Monroe-ing it in public while still suitable for twirling (one of my favorite activities… for real… like actually I think it’s listed in the special skills section of my resume), it proved to be the perfect choice for the wind tunnel Christine and I somehow found ourselves in.

Don’t look too closely at my shoes in that last photo. They’re SUPER old but also the perfect amount of worn-in and I just can’t seem to let them go… Can anyone else out there relate? Please? I need some sort of validation on this one… *whimper*

Okay how about this. A meager attempt to distract you me us from the sad state of my shoes by proving “twirling” really does have a place in the “Special Skills” portion of my resume:

Ohhhh yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

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