Hat – The Hatter Co, Dress – Ecote, Shoes – Opening Ceremony, Photography by Christine Choi

It’s JUNE, can you believe it? On those hot summer days when the heat feels absolutely suffocating, I love to reach for those next-to-nothing scraps of clothing that feel like freedom. Bonus points for wide-brimmed hats cuz we ain’t tryna get skin cancer here! Also, can we talk about SHOES? For anyone who knows me or my family, you know we have a slight severe Shoe Obsession. (Capslock absolutely necessary for the dire severity of the situation.) In any case, to prevent picking up every new shoe I see, I’ve developed a habit of going to second-hand or thrift stores for my shoes. Here it is rare to find a shoe I omghavetohaveabsolutelydyingyespleaselove that is also in my size, but when I DO… well then, the universe is basically telling me these shoes were made for me and me alone and who am I to question such obviously grounded logic?

Okay so maybe I have a problem. But let’s just move along and collectively admire these beauties I found at Wasteland.

Happy sigh. Moving on.

Okay but back to white summer dresses and the freedom they bring. Today is the first day I’ve gotten a moment to breathe from the crazy chaos that has been my life these past couple weeks. One reason for the chaos is that I recently started taking improv classes at Upright Citizens Brigade and so far not so bad. Don’t get me wrong, improv is TOUGH and it does NOT come easily to me. Not to mention, I went from not taking class for over a year to being in class nine hours a week. Oof. But I will say that the crippling fear that prevented me from signing up for three whole years (yes, I know) now seems ridiculously silly. Yes, more often than not I find myself standing there blinking like an idiot with nothing to say and nobody to think I’m funny, but so what? If that’s the worst thing to happen to me today, I should consider myself very, very lucky. It’s so nice to have a place that grants me complete freedom to fail.

In other news, it seems as if my decision to stay in LA this summer may have been a good one. So far I have auditioned (and call-backed / chemistry read) for three features, and been offered a role in another film, JILTED, that goes into production this June! Crossing my fingers for some of those other features, but either way this summer is looking like a busy one.

Lastly, if you’re in the LA/OC area, you should come to the Elevaters album release show this Saturday! Their music is amazing and uplifting and dance-invoking and bonus! Movement Project will be opening the show! Happy happy exclamations! But real talk, there are times when Tuesday night rehearsals with Movement Project are the only time I can let go of all the tension/stress/sadness and feel completely alive, happy, and free. There’s a reason we call it “Tuesday Night Therapy” 🙂 We were honored to have two members of the band come to our final rehearsal last night, and it was impossible not to be caught up in their energy and infectious joy. It was so good to be reminded of why we create – not for anyone else, but because we can’t help it. And you know what? I can’t think of any better way to end this unnecessarily long post than on such a happy note. So there you have it. See you Saturday.

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