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A little behind in my posting this week. You’ll have to forgive me – the tour set me a few days back. Chicago was incredible, though our time there was much too short. Being back at Northwestern was so surreal. It was my first time back in almost five years, and it’s pretty incredible how the memories just come flooding in.

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Being back in the place where my dreams of coming to LA were born had me reminiscing on this whole crazy journey. I’ve always been one to play it safe. Growing up as the perennial new kid (we changed schools a lot) and some tough years of being bullied taught me to fade into the shadows where it was safer. Being an Asian-American girl from a conservative family taught me to be quietly obedient, to not make waves, to keep my eyes lowered and my voice soft. Having a soft heart made me desperate for love and eager to please…

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Making the move out to LA – with no solid job prospects, a place to live, or friends to help make the transition easier – was the riskiest, most-opposite-of-safe thing I had ever done in my life… and it was the best decision I’ve ever made (second only to the day I became a Christian). In the years since, I’ve been fighting that constant battle between being brave and playing it safe. I still am eager to please, and my acting coach constantly yells at me to “speak UP”, but I’ve been getting much better at standing up for myself and doing what is right for me even if it may be the less popular choice.

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It helps to be surrounded by such inspiring friends who are boldly going after their own dreams. One such friend is making strides with his filmmaking and, more recently, with his eye for design in a new line of apparel, accessories, and collectibles. Whether it’s in setting up a shot or designing a tee – such as the one I am currently wearing – his clean aesthetic and attention to detail come through in bold and unmistakable fashion. It’s friends like these that keep me inspired to boldly pursue my own path.

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Funny story about these photos. Christine and I were peeking out the window, contemplating whether or not it was a safe decision to shoot on this rickety old fire escape, when a woman from a nearby office very firmly informed us we weren’t allowed to be out there. For some reason this only emboldened us further and, facing my fear of heights (and ignoring the fact that this woman had a gun on her hip???) I stepped out on the rusted landing for Christine to snap these quick shots.

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Whether it’s for something small like the perfect shot, or something big like a cross-country move in pursuit of your dreams… sometimes the results make it well-worth the risk. I hope you may be encouraged to be bold in your own life as well 🙂

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