A long overdue post…


Oy – has it really been almost 6 months since my last post??? Shame on me. In any case, welcome back, friends, and my sincerest apologies for my lengthy absence.

A quick update on what’s happened since you last heard from me:

+ i went to NYC for brother’s graduation! It was the first time i actually enjoyed being in NYC – no offense to my east coasters… it’s just that no city beats the great city of Chicago 😀 I really fell in love with the city, food, culture, and style – and it definitely got my wheels turning on the possibility of making the Big Apple my next home… but more on that later. Aside from spending some quality time with the family (so proud of the brother for graduating!) i really enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with some of my best friends 🙂

+ i had two films premier at the Playhouse West Film Festival in June. No acting this time ’round, but i was the Director of Photography (aka Cinematographer, aka Person Who Holds The Camera And Makes Things Look Pretty) for both films. Both films did incredibly and were met with great reviews, which was greatly rewarding for such a novice Cinematographer like myself 🙂 It was also a fun opportunity to get dressed up with some of my friends and walk the red carpet! Fancy pants.

+ My largest TV role to date aired on ABC Family – BUNHEADS! it was such a blast playing snobby and bossy, head cheerleader Aubrey, and everyone i met on set was beyond incredible. i also got to dust off my old cheer/pom skills which was tough but a good throwback 🙂 On the night of my episode, my friends threw me a viewing party (complete with ballerina theme) which was a huge surprise and made me realize how lucky i am to have made such good friends out here on the west coast so far from home.

+ Continuing with the “dusting off of old skills”, i had the opportunity to dance with a phenomenal dance group, Movement Project. Their style is a fusion of hip hop and contemporary and definitely right up my alley. The first few rehearsals were probably the most difficult obstacle (physically and mentally!) of the year, but by performance time it was MORE than worth it. a huge thank you to AJ for introducing me to Movement, to Philip for welcoming me into the group (despite how rusty i was in the beginning), and to all the Movement dancers who inspired me with their talent, welcomed me with their warmth, and reminded me how much i truly love the art of dance.

+ My friend, Andrew, and i made the long – but beautiful – drive up to the incredible city of San Francisco to visit littlebabysister Diane! In the brief time we were there, we managed to cram in a bike ride over the Golden Gate Bridge (the second most physically strenuous activity of the year), a visit to the Science Museum (a real rainforest! with real butterflies!), a trip to Google (free food! free swag!), and lots and lots of food. Seriously, i think i’m still full. It was my second trip to San Francisco, and i once again found myself quickly falling in love with the city. Hmmm maybe another potential home for the future??? Sigh… if only…

+ My production company, Level Five Films, filmed our latest short film, Proxy. It was my first real time producing such a big film, and it was definitely a challenge. Despite all the unforeseen challenges and ups-and-downs, we were pleased with the footage and are now in post-production! Hopefully i’ll have exciting updates for you in the near future 🙂

+ Other bookings: CAVEMEN, Feature Film (my first time working with “legitimate” actors, including Camilla Belle, Skylar Astin, Chad Michael Murray, Alexis Knapp, and Dayo Okeniyi, and definitely a great learning experience); DUNKIN DONUTS, commercial (airing in NYC and Chicago! woo!); THE MIDDLE, tv show on ABC (airing in January? updates to come…)

Which brings me back to the here-and-now. I’m currently sitting in a cafe, killing time before work and overwhelmingly excited to be going home in just a few days for my favorite holiday 😀 Hope everyone is warm and happy in their respective corners of the world, and i promise to be back soon with more updates on life in the big city of los angeles 🙂

xx, little bee

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  1. hi honeyyyyyy!!!! i just read your last update (how did i miss this?). so enjoy your little bee updates. love you sweetie ~ miss you everyday!

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