While we’re on the topic of uniforms, ALLBLACKERRTHANG seems to be my most frequent go-to. I keep trying to push myself to buy things with some color but then again…

I acknowledge the value in reaching for something out of your comfort zone… but sometimes it’s nice to stick with what’s guaranteed to make you happy 🙂 Christine and I snuck these in while shooting promo photos for Jilted. (Speaking of which, we’re still trying to make this movie so pop on over to our indiegogo and help us out!) It was also when I broke the news to her that I had been cast in Wong Fu’s new feature and we giggled and exclaimed and jumped up and down over it for a good while. Friends are flowers in the garden of life and all that good stuff, no? Whatever the phrase (I’ve never been too good with idioms…) I’m ever so lucky for the ones I’ve got 🙂
Speaking of the Wong Fu feature… as of Monday late evening on a train platform in Rancho Cucamonga, we are WRAPPED! I can hardly believe how quickly these past four weeks have flown by and am already feeling major withdrawal symptoms… I still have so many photos and stories from set I would like to share… maybe I’ll have to write a Wong Fu dedicated post soon 😉 Comment below if that’s something you might be interested in! Until then, may I leave you with this deepest of thoughts: Orange may be the new black… but what was wrong with the old one?
Top/Jeans – American Apparel, Shoes – Zara


  1. all black everything. always. forever and ever.

    and yes, any experience posts, we would love!

  2. Hi Victoria, may i know where is your circle necklace from? love your style/ reading about your ootd post! thanks (:

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