Tank dress – thrifted via Wasteland, Denim jacket – vintage Levi’s, Bralette – ASOS, Boots – Rag&Bone,
Photography by Christine Choi

Good news all… it’s finally fall. Also making me happy is the totally unintentional rhyme that just happened. Win.

It’s true – LA has finally decided to catch up with the rest of the country and show off some cooler temps… which means it’s finally acceptable for me to take out those boots and jackets I’ve been wanting to wear all summer long. But of course, this being LA after all, bare legs (and bare backs) are still completely appropriate. I found this out the hard way when I arrived to dinner the other night wearing boots, leggings, leather jacket, and scarf… only to find my friends in tank tops and shorts. Welp. Hashtag Chicago-fall-loving-girl-in-LA problems.

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  1. Ooo loving the Jean jacket!

    Hashtag southern belle girl wishing she was in LA. lol

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