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Happy week-after-Memorial-Day-weekend! I just love short weeks, don’t you? By the time you’re ready for the weekend… there it is. Glorious. Speaking of weekends, how was your MDW? Barbecues, picnics and pools? It’s actually been on the chillier side here in LA so no pools for me. But I did get to spend the weekend with family and friends from out of town which is always a guaranteed good time 🙂

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I’ve been thinking a lot about this stage of life I’m currently living in. That exciting but confusing and full of change stage that is the twenties. And like many twenty-somethings I know, I too have been plagued with the “who am i” and “what is my purpose” questions that are the mark of this stage. To add to the questions, this weekend was jam-packed with change: a wedding, an engagement, a graduation, a move… an abundance of change that make me wonder if everyone around me is changing and growing and moving on without me.

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Luckily it seems as if I’m not alone in my wondering, as my friend so generously reassured me. Life is full of change and you won’t always have all the answers… and that’s okay. Wherever and whoever I am right now is where and who I’m supposed to be, and as long as I’m aiming to change for the better, that’s not such a bad place to be at all.

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