When I was a little girl, the last thing I used to do before I went to bed was say goodbye to the day. I would lie in bed feeling sad (read: straight up melancholy) about how I would never in my life see August 12th, 1994 ever ever again. Ever. It was a very emotional moment of my day. It also served as a big, fat, blinking, neon sign that I would eventually choose a career in film/theater. I mean come on… drama queen much?

In any case, I bring up this whole dramatic-child story because yesterday was the first time in a long time I felt the way I did when I was six. Because you know what? I think the whole reason I ever felt the acute pain of never seeing a certain day ever again is because I really, truly loved each day. And yesterday? I guess I just re-realized how good I have it.

This week was in a word, awesome. I got to babysit the same night the Bulls beat the Spurs, meaning I actually got to watch the game on a huge TV and a comfy couch three times my size. I got my proof sheets back for my new headshots and actually love them, which means I may actually be getting over my extreme awkwardness in front of a still camera. I spent an entire day with my LA best, meaning I ate good food, laughed a ton, complained about boys, and acquired new things for my wardrobe. Speaking of which, I got a FANTASTIC & FABULOUS pair of new shoes, which I am currently wearing. Hollaz. I went to an audition for “cool group of friends”, meaning I got to hang out with 7 of my friends and potentially get paid to do so (and also that I am lucky enough to have 7 people I can call “friend” for such an audition). I received my official invite for the red carpet premiere of Cavemen, a feature film coming to a theater near you on February 7th and also the first time I will ever be in theaters, meaning… OMG LIKE MOM I’M GOING TO BE ON THE BIG SCREEN!!!!!!! AND. I got to work three days on two different jobs (two days on a national commercial, one day on a Wong Fu sketch), which means I really really love my job (and also that I am really really lucky).

So yeah. I’d say life in the big city is looking pretty grand right about now for this little bee. Oh and for the record, I no longer go to bed mourning the death of the day, but rather delighted that I get to wake up the next morning and do it all over again πŸ™‚

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